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What Are The Noteworthy Features Of Sage 50 Accounting Software?

With the entire world hurtling towards a financial renaissance, you need accounting software to compartmentalize, analyze and record the financial transactions. Sage 50 has come up as one of the major applications for this particular need. With one’s finances going a little more global with each passing year, merely journal entries and transaction management are just some of the bare bones features.Therefore, we need more robust utilities. To that end, Sage 50 accounting Software, has come up with some of the most interactive attributes that grant you the interface of the desktop and the versatility of the cloud.

Sage Support Australia Is Here To Present To You These Amazing Utilities

When it comes to applications of the financial nature, Sage is pretty recent. But, with the integration of modern cloud based technology it has allowed users to spend on time on their actual business while automating much of the entry process. Its features are not just the need of the hour; it is the need of the business itself.

Following Are The Features Of The Accounting Application That Makes It Stand Apart

  • Back Up To The Cloud: It is perhaps the most well known of its attributes. This feature allows you to back up your transactional data into the cloud and thus, unburdening your local system from all the responsibilities to provide security to the books. Furthermore, the cloud storage is accessible at all times and thus providing you with the recent backups.
  • Capture The Receipt: using this feature, you won’t have to rely on paper medium ever again. The utility allows you to capture all the receivables and record it up into the cloud. The transactions of the sad receipt can be posted using the android and iPhone variants of the application.
  • The Ergonomic Dashboard: The ergonomic dashboard allows you to see and highlight the areas of performance. Also, with all the utilities visible on screen, it allows the user maximum engagement with the financial circle. These utilities also include graphical representation of revenue and budget trends.
  • Tracking Sales And Customers:Using this application, you can easily create invoices, quotes and maintain sale orders. Furthermore, this utility provides you with an add-on to track customer payments. As for the reports and forms, the application allows highest degree of customization to make these records presentable
  • Tracking Vendors And Purchases: With the additional utilities that allow you to tap into bank feeds, you can make payments to the vendors, and keep a track on these payments. This way, you won’t have to suffer the hassle of actually tracking the receipts itself. Furthermore, the bank feed is also integrated with the mobile application and thus allows you to make mobile payments as well. Upgrade planning assistance.
  • Proper Inventory Management: While many applications allow for the same level of inventory management, Sage actually is able to simultaneously maintain costs and qualities. Furthermore, it also allows a user to assemble items quickly and create sophisticated builds for the stock items.
  • Project Maintenance:By integrating sales, customers, vendors and purchases module at one place, the application allows a precise project development that emphasizes on accuracy and eliminates guessing. Proactive help for real-time training.
  • Banking: With the integration to the bank feeds, Sage allows the users to transfer funds to the vendors, get paid instantaneously and keep automated record of all these transactions.
  • Employee Collaboration: the application can be accessed by multiple members of the same organization which makes for a collaborative environment to maintain the transactions.

The above noteworthy utilities make this application stand apart from the rest. If you want to know more about this software, you can contact Sage Technical Support Australia at their toll free number 1800-952-982. The team their can tell you many of the features not yet mentioned. Furthermore, they would also educate in the best ways to use this application in order to get the best results.

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